What are some of the most awesome psychological facts


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  1. Posted by jaidethechavess1977, — Reply

    😲😲 con que así en el narval,😐😐😐 pero de donde sacó el tanque de oxígeno y como sabe manejar? ??? TAL VES NUNCA LO SABREMOS 😧😧😧pero que ni se les ocurra decir que "por que es magico", eso es un caballo con cuerno

  2. Posted by kamryn1111l, — Reply

    did you eat my fucking horse?

  3. Posted by sorabert09, — Reply


  4. Posted by anyz3, — Reply

    What happens when the oxygen tank finishes😃

  5. Posted by angelteth, — Reply

    Imagine if this was the whale that ate Jonah.

  6. Posted by wormsDotcom, — Reply

    Yk Thats just it's tooth dumbass

  7. Posted by denizarlakalim, — Reply

    Their horns are just teeth

  8. Posted by A3sth3t1c_P1nk, — Reply

    I’m scared-

  9. Posted by ica200620, — Reply

    No. Just no. I like narwhals more

  10. Posted by sorabert09, — Reply

    Yassssss yassssssss YASSSSSS

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