Artist Makes Politically Incorrect Collages Of Disney Characters And This Will Affect His Childhood


Walt Disney Studios is an integral part of most people's childhoods, creating memorable characters that have stuck with us for many generations. Disney's style is heartwarming stories and heroic characters.


  1. Posted by captainStucky, — Reply

    The internet has broken my sense of humour. I looked at the lady standing in the mirror and lost it

  2. Posted by maxikilo33, — Reply

    Can we just talk about the fact that this foto is relatable especially during quarantine 😂

  3. Posted by livraynor2007, — Reply

    But that’s not even that good, no offence but you could have done a better job at the face

  4. Posted by carenzanauly, — Reply

    Mom did you disconnected the WiFi?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Posted by thisisthemary, — Reply

    Me when my mom catches me using my phone and watching movies at 3am instead of sleeping :((

  6. Posted by aubbalee919, — Reply

    this is when you got caught watching netflix within 12:00 from your stepmother

  7. Posted by LitEmoPunk, — Reply

    Why is i politically incorrect to be stoned n crying in my own room w a show stop off

  8. Posted by alondranra012, — Reply

    That My mom looking for me if am sleeping at 4am, when i looking Stranger Thing

  9. Posted by uditalamichaney, — Reply

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  10. Posted by ivysingell, — Reply

    What's up with her arm the one that's holding the tablet its hairy

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