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  1. Posted by miss_engineering, — Reply

    I would love to watch it, and they have to pick out Christmas themed face masks to wear while social distance ice skating

  2. Posted by sarahloyd4, — Reply

    And don’t forget home for the quarantine!

  3. Posted by kamillamgw, — Reply

    A stronger storyline than most of those movies currently have.

  4. Posted by VanyLovesCake, — Reply

    Actual movie producers reading this post like, "Hmmm, interesting". Next thing you know, it's a real movie. I'd watch it to be honest

  5. Posted by thecoolannabelle, — Reply

    “one small mistake will change their lives for the better”

  6. Posted by lilcheeto69, — Reply

    anyone wanna join a snapchat gc? the first ten people to send their users will be put in. 13 - 16 only

  7. Posted by cunholz12, — Reply

    Why do I lowkey want this?

  8. Posted by katekeito15, — Reply

    Ngl that’s never been done before and I’d wanna actually watch that someone please make it

  9. Posted by iloveryangosling, — Reply

    omg this is literally that one hallmark movie where the pastry chef goes to wrong blind date 😂

  10. Posted by savyrulz39691, — Reply

    Just imagine the socially distanced dates

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