9 Cheap But Chic Ideas to Refresh Your Tired Bathroom


Add some serious style for almost no $$$.


  1. Posted by SelmaHLopez, — Reply

    when we want to add additional storage but don't have enough budget it will make us suffer. sometimes to redesign a room can cost quite a lot of money. but this idea says no, it doesn't look like it's just using old wood that has been repainted so that it looks new and is installing braces on the wall, a brilliant idea for those who want to add storage in a room with a small budget.😀👍

  2. Posted by hinson0451, — Reply

    tiny home ideas

  3. Posted by paitynsmilez, — Reply

    decor ideaas !!

  4. Posted by okiseptianad, — Reply

    look so good

  5. Posted by iheartmodern, — Reply

    Love this!

  6. Posted by sarinavas7, — Reply

    Room decor

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