64 Funny Depression Memes That We Can All Relate To


Life always finds a way to bring you down. At least we have memes to laugh at while we ignore all of our life's problems. Chill out, take a deep breath, and forget about everything else while you enjoy these funny depression memes. Need more depression memes to ease your pain? We've got plenty.


  1. Posted by clarabyrne5411, — Reply

    Hey you. Yeah, you reading this. This, these words are a sign. This is your sign to stay alive and keep moving. It may be really hard now but things will get better. I know they will.

  2. Posted by astridmaycelestereed, — Reply

    Hello, friends! I've been working really hard on my account lately and it would mean a lot if you would drop a follow bye! If not, that's okay as well. Have a nice day! Jesus loves you! :-)

  3. Posted by lorianacosner, — Reply

    I have anxiety about getting to sleep 💤 if I don’t fall asleep by a certain time, I will like force myself to sleep and freak out when I still don’t. Like I’m surprised that didn’t work

  4. Posted by Cascade1817, — Reply

    Not a bad representation of my anxiety schedule actually

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