45 Best Shows to Binge on Netflix & Hulu - Today With Tayla


Everyone has a lot of extra time on their hands to catch up on all the newest shows on Netflix & Hulu! Here are my top Netflix & Hulu shows to watch.


  1. Posted by annabublyk7a, — Reply

    I've watched good Girls and ummm... It's cringe well

  2. Posted by myla_rowbotham, — Reply

    okay where is how to get away with murder yall 😪😧

  3. Posted by bhoomidalal2001, — Reply

    Where is Lucifer???

  4. Posted by tashaseo23, — Reply

    What age group would these shows be for?

  5. Posted by hanaamar79, — Reply

    Outer banks ??!!

  6. Posted by emiliaenomoto, — Reply

    Where the hell is the vampire diaries

  7. Posted by indiaamymach, — Reply

    Ok why is “a good place” not on here it is sooo good

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