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  1. Posted by joshcampbell198, — Reply

    Depends on the size of the burgers. A big whitetail buck might weigh 250lb but ur likely getting under half that in meat..... so say 125pounds, that’s only 500 quarter pounder patties

  2. Posted by bluedragonknigh, — Reply

    The UK didn't develop the metric System, the French did Thats the second meme I see just assuming the brits did it instead of spending 10 seconds to google it xD

  3. Posted by janey2189, — Reply

    Wasn't there a story on the news once about a sinkhole that was measured in washing machines?

  4. Posted by dominiclinkin, — Reply

    This proves that American will literally use anything to Measure but not the metric system

  5. Posted by pinkguysfriednoodles, — Reply

    imagine NOT weighing your cows in hamburger.

  6. Posted by vvhhrrr, — Reply

    Deer are two bicycles high thank you very much

  7. Posted by Momus_mocking_god, — Reply

    they do know that there are different sizes for those things right

  8. Posted by ElSentimientoHumano, — Reply

    Not all Americans, only the United States.

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